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The Lego Machine Cloud Project

The Lego Machine Cloud Project


I’ve always been a big fan of Lego, mainly Lego Technic. Since the introduction of Lego Mindstorms I’ve been exploring the possibilities of combining Lego Mindstorms with my current personal and professional interest in Cloud Computing.

I’m always looking for new ways to leverage Cloud based technologies, one such technology I’m working with in my professional life is This blog and project is purely recreational however. It will explore a new Cloud which is inspiring…

The Machine Cloud

While attending last years Salesforce Dreamforce 2012 event in San Francisco. Marc Benioff (, CEO) highlighted in his key note speech. A new form of Cloud that is taking shape around us. That of the Machine Cloud! This is the basic inspiration for this new blog!

We are all consuming Cloud services such as Twitter, Facebook, eBay, iCloud etc everyday. The Machine Cloud, expands this to the machines we use day to day. Allowing those machines to interact with Cloud services and in doing so the humans that use them as well. From jet engines to the cars we drive, machines are starting to adopt the Cloud! If at this point your maybe thinking Judgement Day. Worry not, its unlikely a Lego Robot talking to the Cloud will take over the world!

Project Aim

Fun demonstration of a Lego Robot interacting with humans via Cloud technologies, in this case the Cloud.

The robot must be directly connected to the Internet and be able to transmit and receive messages over HTTP. Allowing it to communicate (or perhaps Salesforce Chatter) the status of its various sensors (and hence its environment). While also allowing me to chat with it to ask questions or give commands.

Since I will be using the Cloud platform. I already have a number of Web based technologies and API’s at my disposal, as well as means to create my own if needed. As the legendary Sherlock Holmes once said, “The game is afoot!”

salesforcecoms-bold-vision robot

2 thoughts on “The Lego Machine Cloud Project

  1. Here I am using EV3 with Linux V1.09 and I am doing a project in which I want to sent the sensor data from EV3 to a remote web server using POST method so please help me to handle this situation. …

    • Sure you can do this by running Java and making a http call out, there is lots of docs on how to call rest API’s (http post) online that should work just the same. Take a look at my blog here on how to get Java running on the brick. Have fun and let me know if you get stuck, happy to help further.

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